Civil Engineering

Our team of engineers have the technical expertise and local knowledge to ensure that the things you build, and fix satisfy council requirements and comply with accepted standards of engineering practice.

Civil Engineering

BCSI has a team of highly proficient Civil Engineers with over 10 years of experience in Civil Engineering. Our expertise covers a wide range of Civil Engineering solutions, ranging from small residential development to large scale developments.
Our Civil Engineering Services include but are not limited to:
Roads Design: We apply industry best practices, cutting-edge software, and innovative techniques to create safe, efficient, and sustainable road networks.
Retaining Wall Design: Our experienced team specialises in Retaining Wall Design create custom solutions tailored to your specific requirements.
Civil Works Design: BCSI provides comprehensive Civil Works Design services, covering various aspects of infrastructure development. From stormwater management to utility design, we have the expertise to deliver high-quality and cost-effective solutions.

Services & Solutions

New Residential Subdivisions and Commercial Subdivisions.
Building Information Management (Driveway Design, Patios, Decks, and other external property additions)
Plans to Council, strata mangers and Industry Requirements.
Development, Assessment on Innovation and Compliance inspections
Investigative Reporting of failed or damaged Infrastructure (i.e., Pools, Retaining Walls, Driveways, Earthworks).
Condition reporting of existing infrastructure (i.e., culverts, retaining structures, floodways).

The BCSI Advantage

BCSI blends its business experience with strong technical capabilities to deliver realistic and reliable services and solutions customized to an organization's needs. We partner with you to develop key business indicators and success targets, strengthen your business drivers, and identify potential vulnerabilities and risks. Together, we implement the necessary changes and strategic plans to expand your business and attain your goals.

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